Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool

Hello Viewers is me MR TAQ. We are reviewing and testing and demonstrating this magnificent device is called the squatty potty.

Now this is the design it’s very very lightweight it’s very strong if your case you’re wondering I’m six one about 170 pounds.

But this can take a lot of weight there’s a little bit of squishy pads right here so it slides nicely on my tile right here and  a little bit of grip there and I haven’t quite peeled off the sticker yet.

I should probably get around to that honestly once it’s underneath it comes off nicely no residue either hey that’s not plus but anyway where was I we’ll put that right there and as you can pops right under there so in the event of a bowel movement you go into your bathroom and this is typically.

What I do now normally you can’t quite fit fit your feet right there so it would be wise to kind of pull it out like so so then when you pop it up like this and then you sit down just like so it’s beautiful it works wonderfully now.

I’ve been all over the world and if you are world travel you will notice that people sit in this position when they go to the bathroom to use when they have a bowel movement right why is the Western culture so stuck on sitting in a very erect uncomfortable position when you’re having a bowel movement.

I don’t know but if you’ve ever gone backpacking out the woods and you have to squat over a hole or something.

You’ll probably realize wow that was a really really easy bowel movement wow it must have been the freeze-dried food I ate now it’s probably the position that you’re in so you can kind of rest a bit of your weight.

If you like on the toilet seat itself or you can kind of lean forward whatever is you know works for you but really the fact of the matter is that it’s putting you in this natural position that the rest of the world has figured out and for some reason the Western cultures are stuck on this hard cold throne that keeps you in an erect position.

I don’t get it but to use common sense again I’m not a physician but a common type fellow I’d like to say now let’s say that you’re having trouble with a bowel movement.

What do you do and in the medical field I call it bearing down you typically double over like this so your body you are naturally trying to get into this position when you’re trying to have a bowel movement right so why not just start in that position in the first place instead of sitting down and trying to do this and go oh.

I’m so constipated which by the way you don’t have to use this if you’re constipated I know actually quite a few friends one.

I know actually quite a few friends one of my friends actually said hey you should try this wedding party it’s really quite remarkable and edit bowel movements are just fine.

We don’t really normally talk about such things but overall 5O5 stars and then when you’re all done and everything.

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