Sesame Smart lock Features And Review

Sesame is what’s called a smartlock which means you can unlock it using your phone as the key.

I’ve tried other smart locks they’re way too big their apps are confusing they take too long to connect when they’re hassle to install.

I’m pretty handy Sesame’s different you can install it in seconds literally no one’s screwing no replacing Sesame has a patented design that fits any latch anywhere in the world.

The app is handsome and intuitive but you can open your door without it like this or like this Sesame Smart lock senses when my phone is nearby and gets ready for my special nun and I can get the optional Wi-Fi access point it plugs into the wall nearby so sesame is always on my home network and it’s linked to the access point with Bluetooth which keeps it connected while going easy on the batteries it with no keys.

It’s easy to let other people in to I can choose who has access and who doesn’t I get notifications when my lock opens and closes so I can always know what’s going on no matter where I am and it’s got military-grade encryption no one’s hacking this thing Open Sesame Smart lock.

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