Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date, Price, News and Features

Hey what’s up guys here so like clockwork every year before a new smartphone a new big phone comes out we get a bunch of renders and leaks and sometimes models of that phone as a sort of a sneak peek to what we’re going to get that happened with the new pixel that happened with the new iPhone every year and Samsung’s no exception and one of the most tangible forms of that is the dummy models that case makers used to prototype their designs and dimensions of the new phones that we can actually get our hands on a couple weeks before the actual phone came out.

I’ve done Previous Article with models of the iPhone before the iPhone actually comes out gets us a pretty good look so from that same source we have one of the most anticipated and hyped phones of the year coming up for 2019 that would be the Samsung Galaxy S 10 and I can say models plural because they are going to be at least three phones this year at least and these two represent the main ones the Galaxy S 10 and the Galaxy S 10 plus so these types of Articles always have an expiration date because in a few weeks we’re gonna know exactly.

What the phone looks like anyway and then we can get to it but that’s never stopped anybody from taking a look beforehand so this is everything that I’ve learned from these models so first of all like I said we’re actually expecting at least three phones and that would be galaxy s 10 galaxy S10 plus and then a galaxy s 10 e or s 10 light sort of a lightweight model so the S 10 being the standard 6.1 inch display thirty five hundred million power battery and the S 10 plus being the bigger brother the six point four four inch display and possibly a four thousand milliamp hour battery and then the S 10 light is likely going to be somewhere a bit smaller in size about a five point eight inch screen.

I don’t have a model of it but you know slightly different shape and look from the renders the single camera instead of multiple I think you could basically describe it as Samsung’s answer to the iPhone 10 arm and also always the more phones you add the more stratification there is in the lineup the more there is to remember but the main thing.

I think to remember is going to be they’re all gonna be different prices so S 10 light being somewhere around 800 to 850 dollars which is not cheap at all but then s 10 coming in at around a thousand and Galaxy S 10 plus coming in at around 1100 bucks starting then going all the way up to possibly a terabyte model that’s around two thousand US dollars so these are not cheap phones very premium prices and we may also see in the lineup two others a super budget or more cheap version of the phone that we don’t know as much about and also possibly a folding phone so they could show off five phones in the next two weeks maybe but here’s what.

I learned from the models of the S10 and the S10 plus so in the hand they definitely still feel like Samsung phones and they look like him right so they’re still familiar nothing super drastic here it’s still going to be glass on the back and even though these models aren’t glass they’re fingerprint magnets already with that smooth flat back and they still have a second specialty button on the left side under the volume rocker that will probably be an unchangeable big sweet button again what I can say is it feels more like a mini Note 9 than a larger s9 and I mean just because it’s a little bit boxy ER with a little bit more square of a corner radius so it just kind of looks more like a note than an S but then it still has very thin side bezels this holds up with what we’ve seen in the renders the infinity edge display is still taken to the absolute maximum and on the back placement wise looks like the fingerprint sensor will probably be the biggest question still it looks to me like the back of the phone here is now just the cameras the flash and then the biometrics like the heart rate sensor etc and the fingerprint reader will be underneath the glass of the display but obviously that and the hole punch cameras are the things you can’t really tell from the case mock-ups.

But you can see actually that they did include the dual cameras versus the single cameras so single front-facing camera on the S10 and dual front-facing cameras on the S10 plus so we’re thinking it gets a regular selfie camera and a super wide-angle selfie camera like the pixel three has right now which I love and it also shows a triple rear cameras on both the S10 and the S10 plus so one standard camera one telephoto camera and then one super wide angle camera like we saw with the LG already this year and we have rumored of course for the new iPhones as well definitely hoping for that but actually think I think it’s gonna end up being dual cameras on the S10 and triple cameras on the S10 plus.

I hope I’m wrong I hope they don’t hobble the smaller phone I hope they put all the same stuff in both but that’s what I think it’s gonna end up being so we have the screen going all the way to the sides.

We have the bezels on the top and the bottom going almost again right up to the edge and then the earpieces now a sort of this slot at the very very top of the phone I mean Samsung never really seems to take speakers super seriously they never go super hard with the audio but you can still see it does keep that headphone jack and I think this may be the last year Samsung keeps it around so if you’re dead set on keeping a headphone jack in your next phone this is probably going to be the only flagship option available for you this or maybe the next Galaxy Note and overall just feel on the hand I like it.

I’ve liked Samsung phones the way they feel in the past the great displays the boxy metal and glass build this feels familiar and the smaller phone is still pretty small still bigger than the small iPhone but it still feels compact mostly because it’s such a narrow aspect ratio like we’ve seen before but yeah that’s essentially where we’re at all we really have to do now is wait for the phone to actually be revealed and you know you can expect a topic on that when it finally does go live the event is February 20th.

But my question to you is what do you think of this design that’s pretty much gonna rule 2019 with the hole punch display I mean personally for this exact phone what I’m looking most forward to is the cameras hopefully they upgrade them to be competitive with the pixel hopefully there’s a NiteSite competitor versions of that hopefully the dual front-facing cameras are of the super wide and the regular like.

I’ve seen so that enough plus one you I would make me consider really liking this phone but what do you think what are you excited for about Galaxy S 10 let me know either way thanks for Reading.


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