Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid camera I believe it’s called the snap it is so cool. I got it to kind of take little pictures like instant pictures of the boys. I want to buy a little album that I can put all of the pictures in I know everybody loves taking pictures on their phones and I do as well but there’s just something about having a tangible picture that you can actually put like on the refrigerator or in the office your bedroom like wherever or in a photo album Digital Camera.

I rarely take the time to actually print I know some people are great at that they make amazing scrapbooks. I’m sure down the road I will print very high quality pictures and actually put them in a photo album I did start that with the boys when they were very young.

I’m very behind on it this is just so fun the boys love taking pictures I think I’m actually gonna call them down in this video and take a picture and you guys can see what the quality looks like when I actually take a picture but just an overview of this really quickly there is a lens cap it’s just magnetic you can just take that off and then when you take the photo you can select if you want it to be black and white full color or a sepia shade so.

I usually do full color I think that just looks the best but also black and white is really cool too you just hit the on button and then it flips up the viewfinder as soon as you hit the button it does start printing and you get your photo within like 10 to 20 seconds there’s also this other button right here that you can select for a frame or border so when you select that it does print out with the classic. Polaroid frame again I think that’s cute.

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