One Of The Best Jewellery Travel Case

When I  travel my hardest thing to pack is jewelry because it is hard to keep organized but I found this Jewellery travel case in this gorgeous like blush color with the gold zipper.

A little handle Here but it is so handy I have not used this yet but I would definitely be using this the next time.

I travel but it has little slots for necklaces right here up top and then these little like pouches that necklaces get kind of like you know sitting here and then there’s a little zippered section in the middle for just miscellaneous jewelry that doesn’t fit in any of these configurations then there’s this little area here and it still has plastic on it take it off this little section here is an area for your earring so you just put everything on there which is amazing and really handy and then we have another.

I don’t know exactly what this little thing is for oh maybe this oh this holds this in place so this will like this little thing here holds up there and then this is for your rings and then there’s another zippered section right here this little pocket so if you want to put like bangles or bracelets or just like pins or anything else that you have that doesn’t fit in these sections here is super handy up.

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