Lay-n-Go Cosmo 20 Inch Cosmetic Pouch

Hi Viewers Welcome To I’m gonna be sharing with you guys my best Lay-n-Go Cosmo 20 Inch Cosmetic Pouch from Amazon. So a huge shout out I have been making a little list of my favorite items from Amazon and I love them they’re so unique they’re so different some of them I really don’t think you probably have ever seen. Before so I can’t wait to share them with you I will link everything down below. I’m pretty sure everything is still available because Amazon is amazing with their inventory so if you want to shop anything just check the below Amazon like myself do you guys have Amazon Prime because I do and it’s a total GameChanger. I’m obsessed you can get things in two days and it’s amazing so the first thing that I’m going to start with is this.

Cosmetic Pouch: Now what it is you ask I shall tell you it is something amazing for the most unorganized organized person out there so this is more of a travel item and it’s for your makeup. but what you do is you actually just put your makeup all in here and then when you’re traveling and you’re in your hotel room or wherever you are you just open it up and it completely displays your makeup and you can just see everything perfectly you don’t have to like move everything around in your makeup bag.


I do have a really expensive Louboutin and makeup bag but I haven’t even been using that lately because this is so handy and so easy in the center here there are elastic bands for your makeup brushes so you can just slide those right in there’s also a zip compartment in there so if you want to put anything that you don’t want to get lost maybe a necklace or a pair of earrings sometimes actually throw a in there and then everything else you literally can just pile on there and then you just go like that you secure it with this little plastic clip here and I literally just stick it in my bag and it is so functional it’s so easy it saves me time I don’t really have to lay out my makeup is just already displayed right on the counter for you it does have this little loop here if you do want to carry it it’s very inexpensive like I said I’ll link it down below I don’t remember the exact price but it’s  very very affordable and yeah I was really happy with the price.


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